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April 24, 2013

Snoopy Japanesque Exhibition -

As my computer malfunctions again, I would ask your generous response to my English article.
The Snoopy Japanesque Exhibition is being held at Matusya department store in Ginza till May 6th. A fantastic show ! Great craftsmen of Japan are creating Snoopy and Charlie Brown in wood sculpture, yuuzen-zome, kiriko-glass, tansu, gold zaiku and with other material. This is a beautiful collaboration between the world-famous cartoon and Japanese arts and crafts. Admission fee is 1000 yen. You would never be disapointed. You would even feel proud of Japanese traditional arts and crafts. I sincerely wish to recommend you to see the exhibition.

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1 : K's : April 28, 2013 06:41 PM

近頃Cool Japanと称して日本のアニメや漫画を外国に拡げていこうという動きがありますが、こっちの方が断然Coolです。

2 : 湖の騎士 : April 28, 2013 10:10 PM

K's sama: Many, many thanks for your kind words. My computer still doesn't function well. So let me express my gratitude to you in English. As you clearly pointed out, these masterpieces should be enjoyed by people abroad, too. I'll tell the producer, Mr. Yoshi Otani and the organizers. I believe that these arts and crafts would play a very important role as "cultural diplomats of Japan".